Qualia and Consciousness

A public interest presenation in conjunction with the Consciousness Consensus Project

Introduction to Qualia Discussion

Developing Expert Consensus
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A growing group of experts are working towards building and tracking as much consensus as possible around the best theories of consciousness, in a consistent unified language.

These experts include, to varying degrees of participation, Steven Lehar, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, Stuart Hameroff, John Smythies and 50 or so others.

To date, there has been a surprising amount of consensus forming around some general ideas in a consensus camp now being called: “Representational Qualia Theory”.

It is the general idea that conscious knowledge is composed of elemental intrinsic qualities or qualia like redness and greenness. Even Dennett’s Predictive Bayesian coding theory is in a supporting sub camp position to “Representational Qualia Theory”.

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