Qualia and Consciousness

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Lexicon for the Layman - Qualia and Consciousness

Qualia Blindness
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Qualia Blindness is the lack of awareness and/or acknowledgment of the role of qualia in the consciousness we refer to as "knowledge".

Qualia blind language only has one word for all things red. We are born with a simplified understanding of reality.

The basic childhood model of knowledge is "optimized" (over-simplified) by removing (overlooking) the actual qualia rooted knowledge of reality, and instead assumes, incorrectly, that the intrinsic redness quality we directly experience is a quality of the strawberry.

This simplified model is blind to and cannot account for the possibility of inverted perception.

Human knowledge will never be properly understood and explored (studied) until the actual role of qualia is understood and included in the study and examination of knowledge.

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